Looking Back at a Fashion Shoot

May 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier today my boss, Malinda asked me to go through some of my old images and pick out a few that would hang in our new studio. I found this task rather difficult for several reasons: One, the images I shoot and enjoy the most are nature and wildlife photographs which does not fit our commercial theme.

Two, I am one of the toughest critics that I know and considering I am by far the youngest shooter in the company both by age and experience it is easy to intimidated to put my stuff forward to possibly hang on the walls of our new studio.

Then I remembered a shoot I did with a college college, Lauralee Stewart that certainly produced worthy enough images to be submitted.

Lauralee was a fashion design major at Baylor University who asked me to photograph her senior collection. She did an amazing job designing the clothes which honestly made my job of photographing them to look nice very easy.

This was one of my first fashion shoots to do on my own. Everything really came together for this shoot, it was the style of clothing that love in the Armstrong Browning Library on Baylor campus. This is a famous library that has been the backdrop to numerous movie and TV show weddings. The shoot had a lot of potential and when I was finished I was thrilled with the results. Looking at them again the outfits were still gorgeous but it seemed like the quality of the shooting had fallen. “Why didn’t I take a flash, why did I take that lens, why didn't I have the model do this?” Not even two years after having photographed this I looked back on the shoot and started nitpicking the details.

Typically I (and most photographers) will photograph something that I am very proud of, then a year or so later look back on it and see all of the errors I had missed or overlooked at the time. Even though I look back on this shoot with Lauralee and I see the things I could and would do better it is important to still be proud. Looking back and seeing errors only means I have grown. There is always room for growth and it is important to never forget that.

Have a GREAT week!


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