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June 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

So last week I was at the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth and saw I shot that I really want to try but it requires: 1) a cool sky and 2) a slider.

While I have graduated college and can no longer pull the broke college student card I am still far from flowing with money to go by a new slider. This leads me to the point of this post, how I made a new slider.

I watched lots of DIY videos over what other people have done and honestly was not very impressed. Most used loose towels slide on PVC and other miscellaneous materials to get the job done. While they may have worked very well I really didn’t like the aesthetics of them. They screamed homemade. I really wanted to build something that got the job done effectively and look good doing it.

This lead me to do a combination of several videos with a little input of my own.


My journey started with a quick trip to lowes. About $25 dollars later I left with all of my needed materials.


  • 2 pieces of electrical conduit
  • 3 4in electrical boxes
  • 3 4in electrical box covers
  • 4 conduit-electrical box connectors
  • 2 1/4in bolts and wide washers
  • 1 3/8in bolt  and wide washers
  • Soft sided velcro

Putting it all together.

  1. I put velcro on the inside holes of the electrical box that would actually slide.
  2. The 3/8in bolt goes through the center of the electrical box and attaches to your choice of video/photo head
  3. Attach the conduit to one of the other electrical boxes
  4. Put the electrical box that will be the slider piece on the electrical conduit
  5. Attach the last electrical box on the other side of the electrical conduit
  6. The 1/4in bolts are for attaching a tripod to the end electrical boxes.
  7. The covers are for nothing more than aesthetics because you have to look good while getting the job done.

One of the awesome things about this design is how it only takes a phillips head screwdriver to swap out the poles so I can have a set of 22in poles for putting in a carry-on, 32in video slider, 6ft time-lapse slider. Whatever size is needed can be swapped out with ease.


The first draft had a piece of 14 gauge channel that went underneath so I could attach a tripod in the center. While being able to attach a tripod in the center was a great idea the piece of channel I used made it way too heavy. I still really want to find a way to have the tripod in the center I just need something lighter. I am open to suggestions if someone out there has an idea for something that will work without doubling the weight of the entire system.


Now I have a slider all I need is a cool sky to get the shot that made me do this whole project.




Sheryl Hirst(non-registered)
I am believing for that cool sky you need! Would love to talk to you more about your awesome blog!
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